Rockband Drumkit midi driver for linux with cymbal support. Driver midi per batteria rockband con supporto per i piatti.

Aggiornamento: il progetto si è spostato su questa pagina di github.

Update: the project moved to this github page.

Versione Italiana segue quella inglese.


So you’re a rockband fanatic and own one of those nice new rockband pro-drumkits with the added bonus of three cymbal pads. Suppose you’re also a free software user, like tinkering and are wondering whether you can use your new toy as an e-drumkit for midi recording purposes. Well guess what you can!

Now when I started my endeavor to get this working I came across a few solutions, the easiest was rerouting  joystick input to keyboard and using those in hydrogen, but that was not midi and didn’t have velocity. I eventually found a program here, this worked very well, but unfortunately did not support cymbals for the newer pro-drumkits and had a note mapping that was useless with Hydrogen. So I figured that seeing as I talked the talk of free-software it was high time to walk the walk! I pulled out my trusty C manual and started cursing and banging my head against the wall. Eventually, more due to the original author leaving his testing code in the source than to my hacking expertise (ok so I hadn’t written a line of C in over 10 years), I cracked it.

You can find the products of my labor on this sourceforge page. You’ll find both a standard tar.gz source package and a .deb. Instructions for compilation are in the readme file.
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