Ubuntu, stability and house-keeping. Instabilità e bug-tracking: il pessimo stato di ubuntu.


Non capisco cosa impedisca ai maintainers di ubuntu dapper drake di propagare patch di bachi ben noti e già risolti dai tempi di edgy eft a quella che dovrebbe essere la loro distribuzione con supporto tecnico a lunga scadenza, ma che razza di supporto è? Per fare un esempio c’è un baco in F-spot che non visualizza le foto rotate in portrait all’ acquisizione, che è stata ampliamente risolta, perché non renderla disponibile? Neanche un backport … non capisco … Da canto suo la feisty ha i suoi bei problemi, uno per tutti il nuovo, leggero ed apprezzabile sistema di indicizzazione di meta-dati tracker fa a pugni con l’ancora più apprezzabile barra multifunzionale deskbar-applet, Evolution da strani segni di squilibrio (continua a chedere le password di account di posta che conosce finche non gli dai annulla, invia e ricevi e poi va come se niente fosse).

Mi chiedo che fine ha fatto l’attenzione con cui si pacchettizzano i programmi e le librerie e soprattutto poi come le si mantengono. Che fine ha fatto il “tanti occhi=pochi bug” dov’è finita la leggendaria stabilità e sicurezza … Forse che con l’introduzione di eccessiva complessità nei sistemi non ci siano più le risorse umane per stargli dietro? Non lo so ma non mi piace.

P.s. se qualcuno e riuscito a far funzionare il sofware di collegamento usb del Lacie ethernet disk mini sotto fiesty sono tutto orecchi così upgrado la dapper sul portatile.


I’m an ubuntu user and before that I was a debian sid user and before that … ok you get it. I moved from sid to ubuntu when I started writing a program in python using wxpython libraries as a gui toolkit and sid threw in an API change like a spanner in my machinery and everything went pair shaped. I was not pleased matter of fact I was fuming, but I only had myself to blame as I was using an unstable branch to begin with. I moved on to Ubuntu because it froze APIs for predictable time-frames, had some nice sane presets for desktop use and it saved considerable time in customization for desktop use, plus it was debian, with a few bells and whistles. All was well breezy, was everything I expected from a desktop enhanced debian distro, sure it had it’s issues (cups for one), but there were very few distros that got it right at the time anyway.

Now move forward a year or so and with dapper on my laptop and feisty on my desktop machines I’m seeing things I really don’t like. Feisty has issues, evolution is throwing errors warnings and asking for passwords it knows instead of fetching mail and then proceeds to work without issues, but it’s still annoying (halleluja for the leave messages on pop server for x days, it was about time!), deskbar and tracker cause each other no end of grief and things just generally look and feel unpolished and untested … Dapper on the other is supposed to be the LTS super stable baby, and it kind of is, but it suffers from lack of attention in maintenance, for example F-spot has a bug that blanks out on pictures captured and set to landscape, it was fixed for edgy but it never made it back down to dapper, amsn port 80 specs were changed by Big M, and were fixed in a more recent version but they were never propagated down to dapper. So maybe these are small, marginal and anecdotal incidents, but they still anoy me to no end.

Maybe I’m just an old fart who should stop wanting to live on the bleeding edge and just move back to debian stable (which now corresponds a properly tested Dapper), I just don’t understand why they don’t fix things that, from the outside seem obvious and trivial. It doesn’t take a genius to know that if you fix a bug in a product your still supporting, you don’t tell people to upgrade to the next version where it’s fixed you propagate the patch downwards, not to is just so Microsoft!

Before you ask the reason why I’m still using Dapper on my laptop is that the linux software to connect to my lacie Ethernet mini external drive via usb quit working with edgy and still won’t work with feisty, and as much as i like wingeing I can’t complain about external apps not working (any suggestions would be well recieved).


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