La rivolta dei cinesi a Milano. (Big trouble in Little China)


ACC … PORC … Ma quanto mi hanno fatto incazzare con la rivolta contro la Polizia in Paolo Sarpi a Milano. Sono ancora più incazzato perché mi hanno portato a fare pensieri discriminatori e razzisti (quei “inserite epiteto razzista e dispregiativo qui” li voglio vedere impalati sui pennoni del Duomo!), poi mi sono ricordato che i veri razzisti violenti che non rispettano le libertà civili stanno in un altro pezzo del pianeta … Però non si può semplicemente condonare il comportamento di quelle persone, vorrei ricordare che per i tafferugli e i vandalismi di qualche mese fa in corso Buenos Aires sono state arrestate e messe in galera moltissime persone, questi fanno le vittime quando hanno creato una battaglia campale per le strade cittadine con un aggressione mirata alle forze dell’ordine, che ne paghino le conseguenze! Gira voce che la cosa fosse stata pianificata da tempo e che si aspettasse solo un pretesto.

C’è da dire che la situazione è stata mal gestita o meglio non gestita. Negli ultimi anni c’è stato un influsso migratorio immenso dal Asia e si è lasciato che ad occuparsene e ad assorbirla fosse la loro pre-esistente comunità con tutte le conseguenze che ne derivano ad esempio l’esplosione del lavoro sommerso e minorile con orari da campi di lavoro coatto, l’aumento di soggetti che non sono in grado di capire e comunicare in Italiano. Per questo che ci sono soggetti come un signore cinese che vive nel quartiere da molte decine di anni che intervistato ha detto “Io non sono così, io sono Italiano”. La comunità con questo nuovo influsso è diventata più chiusa e diffidente anche perché gli italiani sono più diffidenti nei loro confronti, c’è anche animosità per l’influsso di merce a basso costo e qualità che soppianta quella nostrana ed percepita come concorrenza sleale. In quel quartiere è stato lasciato nell’ anarchia troppo a lungo e ora si fanno rispettare le regole tutte di colpo è ovvio che ci siano delle tensioni, è segno di integrazione difendono i loro diritti acquisiti di abusivismo come i peggio italiani! Il problema adesso e rendere di nuovo vivibile quel quartiere per chi ci abita e ripristinare la legalità e non sarà facile. Certo è che agli illegali che lamentano la brutalità della polizia italiana sarebbe il caso di fargli presente che nel loro paese di provenienza certe cose sono gestite diversamente e pochi sono in vita a raccontarlo…

collegamento a servizio video su youtube infondo alla pagina.

In case you don’t live in Italy the other day there was a riot in the Milanese Chinatown. Apparently the Chinese community in Milan is one of the biggest in Europe (hey TV said that, so it must be true!).

A little background information:

The area where this happens used to be and still is a normal residential area, where mainly Italian and Chinese families have always lived more or less peacefully and where the Chinese community has traditionally had it’s businesses (mainly import export wholesale). Over the years this community has grown immensely and slowly taken over most of the commercial real estate. The problem is that in this particular area streets are very narrow, there is close to no space to maneuver and they’re used by trams and other public transport. Now imagine all these wholesale dealers loading and unloading goods from dusk till dawn with trucks and trolleys speaking a foreign language and in some cases not being able (or not wanting) to speak Italian and you have a recipe for some very angry residents. Add to this that this community has a reputation for disregarding Italian legislation (they had setup their own banks and medical facilities without abiding any rules or regulations), being constituted by a large number of illegal immigrants (popular urban legend has it that no Chinaman ever dies they only get replaced) and that to all effects and purposes they have created their own getto and you have a pretty good picture. In all this, city administration, under pressured from residents, has decided to crack down hard on all illegal practices in the area starting from traffic regulation (loading of goods is only allowed at certain times and trolleys aren’t allowed on pubblic roads). The Chinese in best Italian spirit mistook the application of the law for the town council being discriminatory and vexing. So here’s what happened: A policewoman tried to fine a Chinese lady for illegal parking and loading of goods out of hours, when asked to present the vehicles documentation it also turned out that it hadn’t undergone mandatory revisions and when the policewoman declared that she had to cease the vehicles documents the lady protested vehemently and tens then hundreds of Chinese flooded the streets, assaulted police and turned the place into a third world student protest in which 14 police officers and 6 civilians were hurt. Later on in the day there was a full blown protest in which all traffic in the area was blocked and Chinese flags where were flown, all headed by the Chinese Consul General of Milan. Official statements were also released from Beijing! 😮 Tension had been raising for months and word of mouth has it that this protest was staged and premeditated.

When I read about this in the papers on my way to work, my blood boiled, I was livid I wanted these people hung, drawn and quartered! How dare they revolt against police for doing their job, how dare they claim discrimination when they are the most racist population on the planet, what darn right do they think they have to be above the law. I wanted to go and burn their shops down one by one, dag nam it! … Then I had an out of body experience and looking down on myself I thought “Oy, stop it you nazi idiot! Quit thinking those thoughts with my brain!”.

The truth is we have a problem and in Milan it was allowed to develop, probably to the point of no return. In Bologna they avoided it by not allowing them to concentrate all their busyness into a single area forcing them to integrate. The Chinese community is a closed one, strangers are not allowed in, they have their own rules and a very strong hierarchy, it needs to be made clear to their comunity leaders that they have to respect the rules, now more than ever so that the real illegality may be drawn out and dealt with (illegal immigration black market and minor labour etc), so that the hard working, tax paying citizens that only want to live here, work and bring up their kids as Italians may do so. The rest can be sent back and lets see if they still complain about Italian police brutality when their own deal with them Tien A Men style. (Whoops there goes the reactionary again),



  1. nobody likes to have order enforced on them. Whatever the facts of an argument, both sides are convinced they are doing the right thing. So if one side forces the other into physical submission, there is no resolution; bad memes persist on both sides, undiscussed and unheard; the misunderstanding grows.
    The police must keep order, their primary function, but to do this effectively they must not by their methods become part of the problem. Their mistakes draw the discussion away from the original issue that will remain unresolved while everyone pontificates on the police.
    In short while I appreciate the work each policeman does for us, I do think they must be held to a higher standard: they represent the values we want preserved.


  2. I guess we know what Idea of crowd control the Italian police has, but in this case there was a rather “animated protest” (watch the video) that didn’t come out of a regular march gone sour, but rather from a simple fine on a member of an exasperated community that brought out a full blown street riot.

    The root of the matter here is that in narrow streets in a residential area an impossible number of wholesale businesses have been using trolleys and creative parking to carry out their business for years. Now they have become too many, the residents have complained too much, and the comune has declared trolleys illegal in the area and swamped the place with traffic wardens for the past 2 months. You can’t even park a bicycle without a fine now. The town council wants to delocalise the wholesale business to a more appropriate venue, and is using heavy manners to make it clear that is the way it’s going to be. On the other hand the people who bought these business facing great debt, methinks toward the kind of people you don’t want to be indebted with, are seeing their business lose value and their livelyhood put at risk, because you try and load a van half a mile away with goos without even a trolley for help!!!

    Plus I’m told by residents that the same traffic wardens that are playing by the book to the extreme today, were probably the same ones taking bribes to turn a blind eye yesterday …

    What got me reeling is that Italian officials were assaulted by people waving foreign flags, insulting my country and countrymen while bathing in the freedom and economic wealth it provides. And then we have a Chinese official menacing economic consequences from China, it was just too much bile churning material for one news article …

    As an update it turns out the street security cameras were “hacked” 2 hours before all this started …


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